Asitha I. Jayawardena
Published writing 1993-2007



Sustainability Article 1
Understanding waste – the first step in solving waste crisis (The Island of 12, 19 & 26 June 2007 – three parts)
Based on a discussion with Professor Ajith de Alwis (University of Moratuwa,

Sustainability Article 2
Buildings for sustainability: Materials and construction (The Island of 17 July 2007)
Based on a discussion with Professor Thishan Jayasinghe (University of Moratuwa,

Sustainability Article 3
An economical and environment-friendly building material (The Island of 11 February 2005)
Based on a paper by Dr Asoka Perera and Dr Chintha Jayasinghe (University of Moratuwa, at Annual Sessions 1999 of The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL)

Sustainability Article 4
Pushing rail infrastructure underground for new urban districts: Lessons from Germany (The Island, 16 November 2006)
Based on Global Holcim Awards 2006 booklet by Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction (

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